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Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist
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Process Art & Sensory Play Studio

Ages 14 months - 10 years

Drop in & try a class on Tues or Wed at 10:45!

The Creative Learning Studio

📍Carlsbad, CA

A process art and sensory play studio for children ages 14 months to 10 years old. Our classes provide a fun and safe space to create, explore, develop critical thinking skills and pursue a passion for art and hands-on learning.


Our unique child-led approach allows students to freely explore art materials, sensory activities and a variety of art processes. We celebrate curiosity and individual creativity.

Our warm and welcoming studio space is a place for children and parents to form long lasting friendships, build community and enjoy hands-on learning experiences. 


Roll up your sleeves and have fun creating art with us and leave the mess behind


Tiny Explorer Art & Sensory Playgroup

Ages 14 months - 24 months

Caregiver Participation Required

Our Tiny Explorer Art & Sensory Playgroup serves our youngest artists ages 9 months to 18 months and is full of new art experiences and sensory play. From curious crawlers to wobbly walkers, your Tiny Explorer will be exposed to many new hands-on sensory experiences and art materials. All materials in this class are taste safe and age-appropriate. This 45-minute class will be a time to embrace the mess and play alongside your little one as they discover and create with a variety of art and sensory materials. We know how isolating parenting a young child can feel at times, so hopefully, this class will give you and your child a warm and welcoming space to form friendship, build community and get messy with art exploration! 


*Please dress your little one for a mess and bring a change of clothes (just in case)!


*Your child must be sitting independently to participate.*


Toddler Art & Sensory Playgroup 

Ages 18 months - 4 years (mixed age)

Caregiver Participation Required

Our Toddler Art & Sensory Playgroup is a wonderful introduction to art and sensory play with endless opportunity for creative discovery and exploration of new materials. Invitations to create will change weekly and provide your little one(s) a chance to move freely throughout the studio gravitating towards the activities that interest them. Each child-led class will allow your little one to work at their own pace when exploring a variety of age appropriate and taste safe activities. Collaborative painting, process art projects, play dough, sensory tables, fine and gross motor activities, water table play, and other unique play experiences will be presented each week. Peer collaboration and communication is a big part of class and will help support your child’s language development and socialization. Friendship and community building will be fostered for both little artists and their attending caregiver over the course of the semester session. Roll up your sleeves and have fun creating art with us and leave the mess for us to clean! 


*Please dress your child in "art friendly" clothes and close-toed shoes!

*Non-mobile siblings under 18 months are welcome to participate, but must be carried or held.*


Pre-K Art & Sensory Playgroup

Ages 4 - 5 years old​

Caregiver Participation Required

Coming soon

This one hour class is perfect for children ages 4 & 5 who are ready to transition out of Toddler Art & Sensory Playgroup and ready for a bit more guided/independent projects (or invitations to create, as we like to call them). The first 20 minutes will be child-lead sensory play, collaborative painting, playdough exploration and open-ended projects. We will come together and read a short story and then complete a guided project based loosely on the story theme or character.  This caregiver and me experience is a wonderful way to have a special 1:1 hour with your Pre-K -er and support his/her interests and imagination.


*We occasionally use acrylic paint, Sharpies or things that can stain,  so please dress your child in "art-friendly" clothing.

*We also have smocks for very messy days!


After School Artists

Ages 4.5 - 10 years old​

Drop-off Class

Coming soon

Our After School Artists class is a great opportunity for your child to explore art and sensory experiences through independent play, collaborative activities and individual projects. Our sensory-rich and creative environment is the perfect space for your budding artist to creatively express themselves. 


'Invitations to create' will change weekly and your After School Artist will be exposed to many new materials and art mediums. Children will have the opportunity to experience processes such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, collage, paper maché, beading, clay work, sewing, building, woodworking, and weaving. Each child will be encouraged to work at their own pace allowing for diverse creative outcomes.  The first 15 minutes of class will be child-lead sensory play, collaborative painting, playdough exploration and open-ended projects. We will come together and complete a guided project for the remaining 45 minutes of class. 


We often get messy and occasionally use acrylic paint,  so kindly ask your child to dress in 'art-friendly' clothing they don’t mind staining.

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Pop Up Classes

Ages 1 - 10 years old​

Our Pop Up Classes have a specific theme such as Halloween/Fall, Slime Time, Potion Making, Thanksgiving, Ornament Making, or special holiday. Our one-time pop ups typically accommodate mixed age ranges so that siblings can attend together. Children are given the opportunity to get creative and have fun while experiencing open-ended art and sensory play that align with the theme of the class. 


*Please dress your child in "art" clothes and close-toed shoes!


Artful Mamas - An Art Club for Moms!

Ages 16-99

Adult Art Club is kinda like a book club! We will gather once a month, make art, enjoy each other's company, and leave with a beautiful new masterpiece. Art Club is designed for moms who are excited about a night out with likeminded creative mamas! Class size will be limited to 16 so the group can get to know each other and look forward to our time together. 


Art Club runs Jan - March. All project materials are included in the class price. No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes.

2024 class dates:

Jan 18th, Feb 15th, March 14th


cost: $200 (for 3 classes) or $75 for an individual class 

Image by David Pisnoy


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