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This is a private listing for Lauren B. It contains one unique set of 37 letters. Pick up date 3/1/21.


The letters in this set are the 26 letters in the alphabet, plus the letters: A, D, E, F, G, L, M, O, P, S, T


All of our resin letters are unique and handmade using non-toxic, food-grade resin. Every letter set is one-of-a-kind and will have design variations. Please note any design requests below. 


*This  comes with an ABC letter mat for matching letters and practicing letter writing *


Please select local pick up at check out :) Thank you for your order!

Private Listing for Lauren B.

  • 1. Some letters may contain tiny air bubbles, however, I do my best to have limited bubbles.

    2. Occasionally a letter might not sit completely flat due to the loose parts on the inside. Again, I try my best to make sure they sit as flat as possible. 

    3. Please always supervise your child while playing with our products. Smaller objects can be a choking hazard and adult supervision is required.

    4. Our products are not intended for children under three.

    5. Our products are not intended to be put in the mouth, chewed on, or licked.

    6. We sand each letter and number by hand, however, a rough edge or corner occasionally may be missed. We have included a small piece of sandpaper with your order to smooth over any of these spots.

    7. We are not responsible for any issues arising from play with our products. Please read about Art Resin (the brand of resin we use) before purchasing. Please purchase and use our products at your own risk.

    8. When adding our letters to water, please only use room temperature water such as a water table or pool. Warm water such as baths and hot tubs is not advised.

    9. Orders typically ship 21-28 days from the date of purchase unless a holiday deadline (or another arrangement) has been agreed on. Thank you for your patience!

    10. Local pick up is located in Encinitas, CA

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